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The IDA is designed to bridge the gap between screening and the more complex tertiary level developmental evaluation. The IDA is a comprehensive holistic developmental assessment that results in an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).
The IDA is a set of processes and procedures that include the Provence Profile, a measure with eight developmental domains.  The IDA achieves greater depth in the essential psycho-social domains compared with other instruments.  It employs naturalistic observation and incorporates parent reports of the child’s development. The result is a descriptive summary of the child’s developmental competencies that includes a performance age range.
The IDA components consider the complexity and interdependence of health, family and emotional & social factors that influence the child's development throughout the assessment process. The process guides practitioners in the collection and integration of data from multiple sources.
We provide IDA Training   through Online or On-site seminars and a range of consultation options.
IDA promotes best practice in developmental assessment.
IDA Authors: Sally Provence, M.D. - Joanna Erikson, M.P.H. - Susan Vater, Ed.M - Saro Palmeri, M.D.
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